Improve your memory with a funny and addictive game!

Now iOS11 compatible and classroom friendly

Memorize the shape, color, and position of small beautifully crafted 3D objects, then answer challenges by touching the correct case and you win! 

Give the correct answer and you progress toward the next level, make an error and lose part of your progression. Faster is your answer, higher is your score!

Do you have the memory it takes to complete all levels?

Do you have a Borg memory?

Do you have the reaction speed to reach the highest score?


Lighthearted and high-definition 3D graphics,

15 Levels split into 3 themes,

Engaging music for each environment,

Challenging, addictive, and funny gameplay,

Competition against friends for highest scores,

Funny sound effect,

English and French.

Reviewed at:

Wyoming Institute for Disabilities

Part of "iPAD 101 / Apps Selected by Therese Willkomm, PhD, ATP/ Memory." September 25, 2013. E5_Apps_for_Increasing_Productivity_for_Executive_Disfunction_Neurobehavioral_Disabilities.pdf


Part of "Alzheimer’s Caregiving – There’s An App For That! / Memory and Focus." August 19, 2013.


First of "Top 10 Memory Boosting Apps For iPhone/iPad".July 14, 2012.

Learning to Learn

Part of "Educational Apps / BRAIN GAMES/COGNITIVE THERAPY": "This is a great new game that develops visual, sequential and spatial memory. It also works on processing speed. The graphics are 3D and high definition, and it also offers cute sound effects. It's a terrific form of cognitive therapy!."April 11, 2013.


Part of "Best Apps to Help Your Memory": "in this funny game you memorize shapes, colors, and positions of small beautifully crafted 3D objects, and then answer challenges.January 16, 2013.


Part of "30 iPad Games For Your Brain."December 3, 2012.


Part of "The 30 Best Educational Games for the iPad: Adult Edition": "Vismory gives players a detailed object to observe, then challenges them to answer questions about what they saw purely from memory." December 2, 2012.

The National Institute for Learning Development (NILD)

"In this game, you must memorize certain aspects of 3D objects before they disappear from view and you need to choose the correct hiding spot. It’s not your every day memory game!" ... "Some of the specific things we can target with this app include: short-term memory, working memory, and sequencing" ... "Do the kids like it? Absolutely!!"..."I give this app a 5 out of 5." November 1, 2012.

Speech Therapy Tech

"There are many versions of memory games for tablets and smartphones, but this one has a couple of advantages" ... "It is currently $1.99 (and worth it, I think)" ... "Goals we can target in Tx with this app: short-term memory, working memory, sequencing." March 10, 2012.


Part of "10 Apps To Help Improve Your Memory for iPhone & iPad." January 15, 2012.

Tuuske's Free iPhone Apps Of The Day Gameplay

YouTube video of Vismory gameplay. January 11, 2012.

App Inside

  • Graphics 8 out of 10 - Excellent,
  • Originality 8 out of 10 - Excellent,
  • Availability 8 out of 10 - Excellent,
  • Pleasure 9 out of 10 - perfect!

"Данный продукт не пестрит красивой и яркой графикой, которую сейчас можно увидеть практически в каждом продукте, зато эта игра несет в себе то, чего сейчас практически нету нигде на App Store - возможность играя повысить уровень своей зрительной памяти, которая так нужна в обыденной жизни." January 11, 2012.


"Petit jeu qui va vous faire travailler votre mémoire visuelle." January 11, 2012.


"对自己记忆力有信心的朋友快来试试吧!" January 11, 2012.


"雖然玩法很簡單,但並不容易喔!一開始僅有四格且僅需猜一樣物品,隨後要記的物品和數量都會持續增加,對記憶力進行嚴苛的考驗。建議僅在頭腦清醒時玩,否則挫折感會非常重...." January 11, 2012.

Můj iPad

"Hra na procvičení paměti v 3D." January 11, 2012.

"这是一个提高你记忆力的有趣游戏!" January 11, 2012.

FreeApp iPhone Thailand

"เกมทดสอบความจำกับรูปทรง และตำแหน่งของสิ่งของ หน้าตาเกมไม่ค่อยสวยน่าเล่นเท่าไหร่ แต่แจกฟรีจำกัดเวลาครับ" January 11, 2012.

Some of our best reviews on the Apple Store:

★★★★★ by MANOLO CARLET (Spain)

"Hola a tod@s soy MANOLO de CARLET y voy a valorar este juego porque se lo merece. Es un juego estupendo tiene unos gráficos simples pero es una pasada lo que te hace ejercitar la mente, ya que es un juego que guarda un cierto parecido con el Simón. Lo bueno que tiene es que es mas divertido que dicho juego porque incluye formas y colores. Además no se trata de seguir una combinación de colores sino que tienes que decir en que orden salen los objetos. No quiero decir mas si queréis probarlo bajarlo que no os defraudara. ENHORABUENA AL CREADOR."

★★★★★ by PGdeLYON (France)

"Jeu très sobre dans son graphisme et redoutable pour tester sa mémoire! Très vite on se prend au "jeu", on essaye de gravir les niveaux et de relever les défis de la mémorisation. C'est ludique. Les objets à retrouver sont sympas et on veut aller plus vite pour un meilleur score. Et puis, quelque chose d'important, plus vous jouez et plus votre mémoire et votre sens de l'observation sont dopés. Bref, c'est un jeu stimulant ! Je ne peux que vous conseiller de le télécharger, de muscler votre mémoire et de vous amuser c'est tout bon !"

★★★★★ by tyrabranks (USA)

"Fun game with good graphics and quite useful for improving memory skills."

★★★★★ by Elhol (USA)

"Very cute game, fun for kids and adults, great 3D graphics, very colorful. Really enjoyable, nice way to test your memory."

★★★★★ by Robert Khnkoyan (USA)

"Perfect Game. Good job. Thanks."


Main Menu

Garden theme, up to 4 objects to memorize

Yellow selector indicate the question, tape one of the case to answer.

Right and Wrong answer

The 2 first answer are good (green) and the 2 last are wrong (red). Wrong answer object rotate in the air, and the correct answer are shown in the bottom of the case.

Snow theme, up to 6 objects to memorize

Ocean theme, up to 9 objects to memorize

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