Learn and test your knowledge of history and government

for the U.S. Naturalization Test.

This version is based on the official 2014 USCIS Naturalization Test. 

Developer Story

I have a bad memory for historical events, dates, names, etc., and because of that I created this app to prepare my Naturalization Test. It was so helpful that I passed the test with a perfect score! :)

This app gave me confidence, knowing exactly where I was on my learning road. The day of the interview I knew I was scoring nearly 100% of every test I took.

Today I present to you the tool of my success hoping that it will help you to achieve your dream, like it did for me.

Enjoy, Pascal.


    •    The full 100 official questions and answers from the official U.S. Naturalization test.

    •    The official American English audio voice for each question and answer to reproduce the condition of the oral USCIS test.


    •    Test of 10 questions selected randomly from the 100 possible.

    •    You can hide the text or the question and get ony the voice. Removing both the text and voice are only recommended for Jedi.

    •    Reproduce the USCIS test where you need to answer the question without any hint, NO multiple choices here!


    •    An educational part to guide you to find information about the U.S. government (name of your senator, representative, governor, and state capital). This part will be used to fill answers that vary depending where you live. Entering answers yourself will also help you to start memorizing them.

    •    A learning mode where you can discover questions and answers. Also use resources provided to you by USCIS, or visit

    •    Help to quickly identify questions you have problem with.

    •    Help to focus on question you know the least.


    •    A custom-made little pie chart gives you graphical feedback on your results.

    •    A "guest" mode where you can invite a friend to take the test, but without altering your own historical results.


    •    Naturalimory is a full version for a low price. It contains ads to keep the price affordable to everyone, but just like you we do not like to be disturbed during stressful moments. As the result Naturalimory does not show ads during your test.


    •    In-App purchases to remove Ads.


Naturalimory Test: See the question, listen the question, and answer the question

Naturalimory Result with the one you know least first.

Naturalimory Result

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You can record your own voice


I'm not a lawyer, and do not works for USCIS. I cannot provide any legal advice.

Naturalimory is for general information purpose only, and should not be construed to be legal advice.

Naturalimory is believed to be accurate, however we cannot warranty as to such accuracy.

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