Medic PHR

Medic PHR (Personal Health Record) is a patient directed information tool that allows you to enter and

gather daily healthcare information for you and your family.

Medic provides a mobile repository allowing people to access and coordinate their health information and share it with those who need it.

Thanks to a carefully designed user interface and custom crafted components, Medic greatly reduces the time spent in data entry. Daily logs and even past records can be easily accessed and modified to the users convenience. The interface was tested and optimized over months of daily usage.

Medic provides graphical trending and a unique overview panel.

Medic is not an application specialized on one domain (like blood glucose), and it does not provide medical guidance or help on medical treatment. Medic is specifically designed for a daily base acquisition (i.e. wake up time) and to provide synthetic historical trending.

The following vital sign can be recorded

  • Weight
  • Glucose
  • Sleep (When you go to sleep and weak-up, get a history of your sleeping hours)
  • Blood Pressure and pulse
  • Temperature
  • Body Fat
  • Height (Follow kid's height evolution over time)
  • Meal (When and where you eat)
  • Comment (Free form that can be used to record information not natively supported by Medic)

Features include

  • Overview Trending that gives you a quick graphical summary for the last 7 days.
  • Access historical records by day or type of record.
  • Graphical chart of your records with Pan and Zoom
  • E-mail your record history directly from the application.
  • Add new patient directly from your Address Book
  • Support "U.S." and "Metric" Units (lb/°F/ft+in or kg/°C/cm).
  • Support passcode to protect the access to Medic.
  • Exclusive medical history of John Appleseed (randomly generated) to help the user discover the interface.
  • iTunes File Sharing to exchange or backup your history (iOS 3.2 and above).

Medic PHR - Pascal Mermoz


Record for a previous day


Glucose entry

Weight entry



This application is not intended to substitute for informed professional, medical, psychiatric, psychological or other professional advice, and we are not liable for any personal harm or injury sustained while using this software. Your use of this application indicates your agreement to these terms.